Snail Free Hostas


This week a friend asked me what I recommended to prevent slugs eating her Hostas. Of course I rattled off the usual methods. Grit around the base of the plant, copper bands, chemical control, eggshells. We’ve heard them all before and probably used them with varying degrees of success.  Then I said there are 2 other methods with 100% success.  She looked fascinated.
1)    Don’t grow Hostas
2)    Grow plastic Hostas
Ok so that’s a bit tongue in cheek, but if any plant isn’t working an alternative will look much better than slug eaten specimen and my suggestion for some added interest in my friends shady fern border are:
Impatiens ‘New Guinea’ grown as an annual
Seasonal bulbs such as Crocus, English bluebell
If I felt really strongly about Hosta, I would genuinely use plastic or silk if I could find good ones!
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