Create a pretty autumn container

Create your own autumn planter

What I used
1 x Frost proof planter £12.99 (about 12” or 30cm diameter)
1 x Carex ‘Frosted Curls’ £7.99
3 x Mini cyclamen £9.99 (Per pack of 6)
1 x Polystyrene tray of Viola F1 (Rosy) £3.49
1 x Muehlenbeckia (Wire vine) £3.99
Compost (I Used West +4 for containers)
How I planted it
The key to success is not to scrimp on plants, to get the best impact you need to pack them in.
I try to use couple of plants that  will see me through a couple of seasons and then build season colour with annuls around these core plants.  In this case I have used the Carex and the Muehlenbeckia which I hope will get through the winter in a fairly protected city garden or on a door step.   

Firstly I removed the Violas from the polystyrene tray and carefully set them aside.  Then I broke up the tray and put the pieces at the bottom of the container.  This provides drainage, saves you sending the tray to landfill and reduces the weight of the pot as it is lighter than the alternatives such as old broken pots or stones.
On this occasion I was creating two containers for my clients so I carefully divided the Carex in two.  You could do the same and put the other half in the garden or just use the whole plant.
Firstly fill the container with compost about 15cm (7”) from the top.  Then place the taller Carex at the back and in the middle and the Muehlenbeckia at the front but offset to the left.
Then fill the space with compost but don’t pack it down too tightly just yet.
Then I positioned 2 of the Cyclamen to the right of the Carex and other to the left, you’ll notice the plants coming down in height.
Then position the Violas in the remaining gaps
Finish off by filling the gaps with compost and firm it down. Move the container to its final position and water well.  Always position the container before you water as it will be lighter and easier to move.
Make sure it’s placed somewhere you can see and appreciate it regularly during our limited day light hours. The focal points in the garden from your sink or by the front door are good locations
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